The Crew

Crew of the Moonface

The crew of the space ship Moonface is a motley group of recently acquainted individuals with one common tie – all were hired in some form by Captain Hawthorne.

Captain Eris A.B. Hawthorne

A ten-year veteran of space travel, Captain Hawthorne acquired the ship Moonface around five years ago with a few of her former shipmates as crew. With a few new hires, she has been running a decently well-to-do (if slightly questionable) freight business. About eighteen months ago, she found herself without a crew and began to rehire positions.

Pilot – Mechanic Jamie Savage

Hired about a year ago, Savage was hired by Hawthorne after both the ship’s pilot and mechanic walked out on the job. Hawthorne put several advertisements around Mars, Venus and Uranus, and after a few failed interviews Savage answered the ad and was hired for both positions at a higher rate of pay than a normal pilot.

Ship’s surgeon Dr. T. H. Rafi

Dr. Rafi was hired around six months ago after Captain Hawthorne had a large bout of fainting spells. Hawthorne was referred to him by a friend and found him working the kitchens of a truck stop in the Kuiper Belt after an extensive background check. She hired Rafi on under the assumption that he might be able to find out what was causing the attacks. As something to do in the mean time, he also acts as ship’s cook.

Paid labor Herbert

One of the stipulations in Rafi’s contract was that his friend Herbert would be given a job on the ship as well. Herbert was hired on as a heavy laborer so that Rafi could keep a close eye on him. He has also been called upon to act as a bouncer for the ship on occasion, although this tends to be rather rare. Mostly, though, Herbert is left to his own devices.

Ship’s security Andrew Likansa

Five months ago, Hawthorne took on a questionable load of freight. After a gut feeling that the mission would go sour, the captain took the advice of Dr. Rafi in hiring on a friend of his, Likansa, to serve as an extra gun. He has since stayed on as the ships highest ranking and only security member.

Arms consultant Yobi Millinillion

Yobi Millinillion was hired last month as a temporary ship’s weapons consultant. After the previous “freight” run was suspected of smuggling, several of the Moonface’s side guns were shot off by law enforcement ships. Millinillion was recommended by Umberto Chancellor, Hawthorne’s underworld consultant.

The Crew

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